Strawberry Practicum Forever

So “field” is racist now. What isn’t?

Until USC’s letter explaining the evils of the word “field,” I had no idea that I should be offended by it. Indeed, I — and my co-workers — tended to be proud of our job title of “Field Operations Technician.” We were the folks who went out and got our hands dirty making things work, fixing things; as opposed to the soft Network Operations people in their cushy air conditioned cubicles.

POT (Practicum Operations Tech) just doesn’t have the same ring. No doubt we would have been offensively labeled “POT Heads.”

In fact, I foolishly even took a bit of pride in being the descendant of people who worked in cotton fields.

Now that I have grasped the concept of mandatory offended status, I must note that “practicum” is far more offensive than “field.” Practicum is Latin, the language of that notorious slave-holding, imperialistic, colonizing Roman Empire. An empire that was far from properly democratic.


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2 thoughts on “Strawberry Practicum Forever”

    1. Well…

      It was named by evil colonizers, noted for enslaving the natives. And according to that infallible fount of knowledge Wikipedia the name came from a fictional “mythical island populated only by black warrior women.”

      By 21st century social justice howler monkey standards, that sounds pretty racist.

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