TZP Column: Baldwin Shooting – A Point Of Disagreement

Baldwin shouldn’t get a free pass on basic knowledge and sense, just because he’s an actor. If he lacks the mental capacity to operate without adult supervision, a judge should so adjudicate him, and warn everyone that it’s crime to let the mental defective touch a firearm.

I like Aesop’s, of the Raconteur Report, style; most of the time. I often like what he has to say. But in the matter of Alec Baldwin’s negligent killing of Halyna Hutchins, I must respectfully disagree.

Yes, the armorer is hired for that — supposed — expertise. That’s why almost-armorer Gutierrez-Reed is also facing a manslaughter charge. But…

Screw “industry wide safety safety regulations.” Try basic firearms handling safety rules, upon which those regs should be based.
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