Baldwin Is Screwed

He’s been formally charged, and the probable cause affidavit has been released. His lawyers must be scrambling for a plea deal.

Remember his repeated claims that he never pulled the trigger? Turns out there’s video (something I suspected would be the case).

BREAKING NEWS: Alec Baldwin is formally charged with involuntary manslaughter for Rust shooting: Prosecutors say videos show him with his finger on trigger before he killed Halyna Hutchins
Among the papers filed Tuesday is a 10-page probable cause affidavit which claims Baldwin gave ‘inconsistent accounts’ about how the shooting happened, at first telling police he ‘fired’ the gun, then insisting he did not pull the trigger.

The affidavit also claims there is surveillance footage of Baldwin on the day in question, in the immediate lead up to the accident, with his hand on the trigger.

They also say he did not undergo proper gun safety training, and that he was talking to his family on his cell phone when he was meant to have been learning how to handle the weapon.

‘Photo and video evidence from inside the church on the day of the shooting show some of the rehearsal up to and including moments before the shooting.

‘The photos and videos clearly show Baldwin multiple times with his finger inside of the trigger guard and on the trigger, while manipulating the hammer and while drawing, pointing and holstering the revolver.’

Skipped safety training, changed his story, video and photos of his finger on the trigger, forensic report that says the handgun was functioning correctly.

I always figured he was stupidly holding the trigger down when he cocked the hammer, and it naturally fell when he let it go.

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