Did Tox Screen Show That He Poisoned Himself, Too?

Arkancide. Older death, but more details have been released. This one is notable, because it finally claims a shotgun was present, contradicting all previous reports.

Shotgun discovered near body of former Clinton aide Mark Middleton: report
A new set of documents obtained by the Daily Mail states that a Stoeger 12-gauge coach shotgun was 30 feet from the body of Mark Middleton when he was found dead on Heifer Ranch in Perryville, Arkansas, on May 7, 2022.
The additional papers, written by Sgt. Keenan Carter, also detail the lengths Middleton, 59, went to to ensure his suicide attempt was successful by standing on a bench and tying an electrical cord around his neck before finally shooting himself in the chest.

30 feet. That’s impressive. Do any of my readers have a Stoeger 12 gauge (or similar coach gun) you could try this with? I’ve seen shotguns fly out of careless hands, but never more than maybe 6 feet.

To be fair, associating with Clinton and Epstein clearly indicates suicidal tendencies.


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