CBS Discovers That Hurricanes Are WINDY

Who knew?

Stronger hurricane winds threaten homes — even away from the coasts
Coastal and river communities in the U.S. today face increased flooding as climate change creates conditions linked to stronger hurricanes, But there’s another, less-known danger: More powerful winds that can down power lines, blow roofs off homes and cause billions in property damage, according to new research.

How Ms. Ivanova missed the fact that hurricanes are windy beats me. Wind speed, the Saffir-Simpson Scale, is only how hurricanes are categorized, after all.

Today, these storms are considered an aberration. But research suggests they will become more frequent over the next 30 years as climate change makes stronger hurricanes more common.
Because the past decade has seen relatively few hurricanes…

So hurricanes have been decreasing, but we must all fear stronger hurricanes because…

First Street predicted the changes by creating 58,000 hurricane models, using the characteristics of today’s storms, and subjecting them to current and expected climate conditions.

…they made models of what hurricanes would look like if they did increase and get stronger. Although it beats the hell out of me why I should trust models that don’t match the reality of decreasing ACE (for the past twenty years, not just the past decade, Ivanova).

If these folks like models so much, I wish they stick to plastic. Then when they build this…

…and call it a P-51 Mustang…

…the stupid mistake won’t mislead the public and misinform policy.


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