“Cloud Storage” Is Technobabble For “Steal My Shit”

LastPass Vault Breached via Employee’s Home Computer, Giving Keys to the Kingdom to Hackers
Millions of LastPass users may be at risk after a major breach of the home computer of one of their top employees. This employee was only one of four people in the company with access to their corporate vault. The breach may have come through a home Plex media account, according to Ars Technica, and appears to have been perpetrated by the same hackers who breached LastPass security on a smaller scale last August. At about the same time, Plex’s security was also breached.

If you put it online, it is vulnerable. Period.

I use a password manager. It’s resident on my home computer, and that’s where it keeps the (encrypted) data.

The only thing I use cloud storage for are nonsensitive files I mean to share. That’s basically Dropbox, but frankly my website counts as the cloud; obviously I want to share that. I don’t put private files on the website, not even in a private, password protected directory.

I’m old enough that I used to use mainframe computing with remote, pretty-dumb terminals; cloud storage and cloud computing always sounded like a return to the bad old days.

But… YMMV. If you really want to automagically share your passwords amongst multiple devices — laptop, phone, etc. — and just can’t be troubled to type in your passwords, go for it.

But don’t whine when your laziness gets you hacked, and your money and identity stolen. Cloud storage is just as convenient for hackers as it is for you.


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