You Think Beef Is Expensive?

I just mentioned something about the plans for everyone to eat crickets. I ran across an article from a freak who decided to try it for five days. She included prices for the products she tried.

$12.38 per 4oz bag of cricket powder.

37 dollars per pound.

Nah. I’ll stick with meat, until everything is contaminated with mRNA vaccines.

And you thought dodging the mRNA ChinCOVID pseudo-vax was fun.


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One thought on “You Think Beef Is Expensive?”

  1. I have started, and develop regularly, my relationship with the local cattle farmers. I’ll get beef, and know what it was shot up with, too. Might have to butcher it myself, but speaking of the ones in the area by me, they will stop injecting their herd with anything if they don’t know how it was made.
    This KungFlu scam really broke the trust among many in our society…. myself included.

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