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Newark, NJ admits it got scammed by a fake nation led by fugitive
The largest city in New Jersey is admitting that its officials fell for a hoax to become a “sister city” with an Indian nation that doesn’t actually exist.

At a signing ceremony on Jan. 12, Newark Mayor Ras Baraka celebrated the city’s new relationship with the United States of Kailasa. The cultural agreement officially made Newark and Kailasa global partners under Sister Cities International, a nonprofit organization founded by President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

I’d love to know how this got started. Did some Newark moron stumble upon the Kailasa website and think, Hey; this would be a good outfit to partner with? Or did the scammer contact the city first? Admittedly, the Kailasa website is pretty elaborate, complete with a 527 page “constitution.”

But you’d think someone in city government would have done a web search on a nation no one had heard of, yet claiming a population of two BILLION.

“Scammer” might not be quite the correct term. Reading about this, it sounds more like the Hindu equivalent of the “sovereign citizen” movement in America.


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2 thoughts on “Kailasa”

  1. My take is its a sign, a telling sign, of how truly horribly reprehensible the “elected leaders” of this nation are.
    Not only are they psycopathic, vain, egotistical and mendacious, but they’re downright stupid!
    Yes, who in their right mind doesn’t at least tap a few keys into google to double check, before you unzip your fly and hamg it all out there? These people, thats who. So stupid they would never get to a leadrrship position ina successful company, they enter into politics where their adject retardation is actually a feature (see Fetterman), and not a detraction.
    We are well and truly fucked people. Best get used to the idea. Even South Africans finally figured out they were better off without the niggers running things.

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