Think Of It As A Free Market Approach To Animal Control

A Chinese restaurant is charged with stealing and cooking dozens of dogs
A restaurant in the famous San Francisco Chinatown was visited this morning by the SFPD and federal agents, after an investigation showed the owners regularly killed dogs they found in the neighborhood and served them to customers.
Large quantities of dog meat were found on the site and taken to a forensic lab to be analyzed.

According to the SFPD spokesman the owner of the restaurant, Tengdo Hueng, admitted snatching dogs from the area with his 16-year old son and killing them for meat.
Most of the neighborhood’s telephone poles have been covered with posters of various missing dogs for more than a year. In the neighborhoods of Chinatown stray dogs have been going missing for years, but pet dogs have also begun going missing. On January 27, the day before Chinese New Year, a total of 12 dogs were reported missing.

Care to wager on whether complaints to Animal Control, over too damned many stray dogs, skyrocket now?

I’ve had dog meat. No big deal.


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