It Ain’t The Age

It’s the stupidity, Wilhelm.

A Dim rep proved she’s really dim, which led to mjuch Twitter ridicule. But one response annoyed me.

This is why we need more younger people in office. We need people that understand tech, AI, social networks, data, crypto, etc.
— Jason Wilhelm

I’m more than twice Jason Wilhelm‘s age. But I’d match my knowledge of “tech, AI, social networks, data” against his any day. Granted, I’m weak on the subtleties of crypto (assuming he means cryptology and not crypto currency), because the real math is beyond me.

If he meant crypto currency, I learned enough about it that I may have been one of the few people not at all surprised to learn that the feds were tracing Bitcoin transactions (and doing it the way I predicted).

By the time he was born, I was already doing data transport: RF, lightwave (linear and SONET), FDM and TDM multiplexing, frame relay, and ATM. POTS and ISDN. Routers. I’ve worked every layer of the OSI model. Before his birth, I built at least two web sites from scratch. I was teaching programming nearly twenty years before he was born. Repairing computers, radios, and televisions. I was even an electrician in the ’80s.

Since his birth, I’ve tacked on telephone switches and Internet backbone routers, aDSL, SLCs, and assorted PON Internet access systems. Lessee… digital graphic design, Internet forum setup, Blogger and WordPress (that includes creating my own themes, not using the canned ones).

That’s a partial list. Let’s see yours, Jason.


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