Really, Lopez-Obrador?

Mexico’s President López Obrador Actually Said Mexico is ‘SAFER’ Than The United States
On Monday, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador actually said out loud during a press conference that Mexico is safer than the United States.

Don’t spit out your drink.

Let’s compare murder rates per 100K:

  • United States: 4.96
  • Mexico: 29.07 per

Mexico’s murder rate is almost 6 times (5.8609) higher than the US.

Maybe he meant overall crime rates:

  • United States: 47.81
  • Mexico: 54.19

Not seeing it, dude. But then, Lopez-Obrador thinks no fentanyl is coming from Mexico either (his own officials disagree).

Say, maybe we should take him at his word about the safety of Mexico…

…and refuse asylum for every Mexican national illegal claiming “sanctuary” from the cartel-driven violence there.


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One thought on “Really, Lopez-Obrador?”

  1. Mexico isa 3rd world crap hole and there politicians are no different than the Mogombo Dictatorial Politicians or American Politicians

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