“a nearly unblemished record in Capitol riot trials”

So says CBS anyway.

The Justice Department has secured a nearly unblemished record in Capitol riot trials over the first two years of prosecutions.

Only if the “record” is the propaganda reported — and facts left unreported — by lamestream media like CBS.

Folks stupidly relying on CBS et al would miss the occasional “blemish,” such as witness tamering, destruction of evidence, tampering with evidence, Brady violations, and perjury. Or incredibly stupid shit like confusing pornographic memes with Capitol photos in court filings.

Then there’s the tainted jury pool, and the refusal to allow any change of venue due to that taint.

The jury pool is so bad that defendants are settling for bench trials rather than face jurors seated after they said how much they hate Trump supporters. At least CBS briefly noticed that.

Throw in a little judicial bias and misconduct, too. Which makes bench trials no better than facing bad juries.

I wonder what CBS would consider blemished prosecution.


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