“Reporting” CBS-Style

Regarding the Nashville school shooting Ever-changing “facts,” as expected.

Previously, the alleged chumbucket was a female in her teens. Now CBS cites Nashville PD tweeting that… Well, CBS says

Police have identified the shooter as a 28-year-old white woman from Nashville, and officials said that she was armed with “at least” two assault rifles and a handgun.

Umm… that’s not what the police tweeted

the active shooter, who has now been identified as a 28-year-old Nashville woman.

Nowhere in the thread cited does it say her race. In fact, quite a few replies wonder about that, questioning why, if they know who the woman is down to her age, they don’t release her name or race. Maybe she’s white, maybe she’s not.

As for CBS reporting she had two “assault rifles,” BS. I’ve seen the police briefing: “two assault-style rifles.” Rather different.

Now, from pictures I’ve seen, this might indicate the shooter was white.

Police said their preliminary investigation indicates that the shooter was at one time a student at the school, Drake said. He did not know exactly when she may have attended.

All the students and staff I saw in pictures seem to be white. If she was a student maybe she is white. But given her reported age, and the fact the school opened in 2001, and only goes to sixth grade, she was unlikely to have been a student there past 2006; 17 years ago. Not sure how much bearing her possible student status might have on this.

So far, I’ve checked nine more reports on this. CBS is the only one reporting the woman as white, or the guns as “assault rifles.” Not even NBC nor NPR are claiming that yet. NBC did give the source for the prior student claim: MNPD police chief.

Oh, well. Maybe if a few more days, everyone will settle on a fixed narrative. the near real-time BS is something I’ve grown accustomed to.

Added: Oh, fuck’s sake. Gropin’ Joe Xiden has weighed in (of course):

You know, the shooter in this situation reportedly had two assault weapons and a pistol. Two AK-47s.”

I find two actual select-fire AK-47s to be extremely unlikely. Semi-auto AK-pattern firearms perhaps, but not AK-47s. (Yes, they deliberately use the wrong designation just to confuse the ill-informed. Though Uncle Gropy himself falls into that category.)


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