Covenant School Observations

As expected, mainstream media is disappearing the transgender aspect, even though the police have said that it appears to have been a factor. ABC and CBS have completely dropped it. NBC mentions “transgender just once, twelve paragraphs down with a simple “Police have said…”

So far MSM is still claiming “two assault rifles,” two “assault-style rifles,” and “two AR-15s.” Gropin’ Joe claimed it was two “AK-47s.”

That’s a bit odd, because the police have already released pictures of the weapons: two pistols and one rifle. Specifically…

PSA Lead Star Arms Grunt braced pistol.


M&P Shield 9mm pistol.


Kel-Tec SUB-2000 pistol caliber carbine. Those come in 9mm or .40S&W. I think the 9mm version may be more common.


Vey notable is the bodycam footage from a couple of responding officers. The video starts with an officer driving up to the school. 3 minutes and 26 seconds later the killer is down, but still moving. By 3:36, the killer is down hard.

I’d liked the way the clearing teams coordinated, both within the teams and with the other teams.

The school did well under the circumstances. I understood they immediately started evacuating kids out to a designated safe(r) area outside. And a staffer waited for the police on the sidewalk with information on the shooter and the keys to the building which were handed over the police.

It’s sad anyone had to die, but since we don’t have instantaneous teleportation, I think the police did damned well.


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