TZP Column: Bad News For The Rust “Armorer”

You may recall that I’ve been wondering how a live round ever made it onto the Rust set.
We may have a better idea of who that was, now. Armorer Gutierrez-Reed had tried suggesting the company that supplied blanks had mixed the live rounds in with the right stuff. The forensic examination of components strongly suggested otherwise. Then there was the report that she had retrieved the gun after the shooting, before the police arrived, and removed the spent case. That’s odd,and sounds rather like tampering with evidence.
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One thought on “TZP Column: Bad News For The Rust “Armorer””

  1. Yes…there’s PLENTY of blame to go around concerning this cluster fuck that lead to a death. Doesn’t change the simple fundamental fact that the prick Baldwin DELIBERATELY pointed a weapon at a human being and PULLED THE TRIGGER. He broke ALL FOUR RULES of gun safety. Following even one of them would have prevented this death.
    And of course because he’s a beloved hollyweed leftist asshole the charges against him have been dropped. The douchetard needs to suffer a “tragic accident” to serve justice.

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