Been There, Done That

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Yep. At FairPoint, before they went under.

Facilities sent out a mass email saying they were going to replace bad flourescent tubes, and asking for locations that needed attention. The morons used all the NOC emails — hundreds — in the “TO:” field instead of BCC’g. As people replied, they all hit “reply all.” Then people hit reply all to them pointing out their own error, and telling about what tubes over their cube needed replacing.

Then idiots were asking how the tubes would be replaced, and all kinds of other stupid shit. And garned more reply alls. Then company network started bogging down.

At which point… I hit reply all (deliberately) and asked for folks to please remove my address before they send their next round of dumbass lightbulb queries and discussion. And said this was starting to sound like a bad “how many blondes does it take to change a lighbulb” joke.

Yep, that got me dragged into HR and “counseled.”

I have a suspicion who bitched, and yeah, she was a blonde. And one of the most useless “workers” in Broadband.


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