TZP Column: Another Gun Ban…

…in Georgia? Still?

It’s 2023; how is this still a thing in Georgia; cities banning lawful carry in parks?
I am strongly tempted to take a drive up to Garden City and violate their little unlawful ordinance. Should one of their fine, if under-educated-on-the-law, officers issue me a citation, I would hand him a notice of my own. I would require him to sign the notice acknowledging that he is in violation of § 16-11-127 and § 16-11-173.

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One thought on “TZP Column: Another Gun Ban…”

  1. One of the biggest problems the leftoxenomorphs have is: do they go and launch their 4th Reich before they have disarmed AINO-Venezuericans, Australian and British style, hoping the people won’t use their guns against them, or do they wait until disarmament has been accomplished?

    One can only imagine the amount of deliberation this subject is causing.

    And there have to be two very distinct sides both pushing for their position.

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