I’m Sure Anti-Government Bad Guys Find This Heartening

Security at the White is so freaking bad that the Secret Service can’t figure out who leaves packages inside at the door. Or even when.

Secret Service Unable To Find White House Cocaine Suspect
The Secret Service concluded its investigation into the cocaine found at the White House and agents were unable to find a suspect, The Associated Press reported Thursday.
The agents were also not able to identify what day the illicit substance was left in a West Wing cubby near the Situation room, CNN reported, and the leading theory is that the cocaine was left by a visitor.

The “leading theory” held by those who value job security over White House security, anyway.

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2 thoughts on “I’m Sure Anti-Government Bad Guys Find This Heartening”

  1. For a bunch of people that worry about optics so much….

    Heads up USSS….
    You LOOK like the feckless terds you are…
    Even with all your toy’s

  2. Of course it was Hunter’s blow. But he’s on “diversion” after his last court visit. If they were to admit it was his his “diversion” would be cancelled and he’d be looking at prison time. So they did what they were told and turned a blind eye to the evidence…just like they have for years regarding the Biden Family Crime Syndicate.

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