Yeah, Try That

You may have heard about Jason Aldean’s new country song, “Try That In A Small Town.”

Well, try that in a small town
See how far ya make it down the road
Around here, we take care of our own
You cross that line, it won’t take long
For you to find out, I recommend you don’t
Try that in a small town

When I heard the song title, before I heard the song itself, or read the lyrics, I immediately thought of my own little small town’s almost-brush with BLM. Yep, some idiot came down here and announced he was going to hold a Black Lives Matter protest. I said then…

This will be either the politest, calmest, most peaceful BLM protest ever, or the shortest.

Said protest organizer had a meet with the police chief. He came out of the meeting and declared that plans changed; they do one speech, and then a short silent march. They chose wisely. Between the gators, pigs, coyotes, and other critters, their remains would never have been found, if they’d tried that big city violent shit here.

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