[Update 2] I Think I Was Scammed

I ordered some gluten online, for making bread.

But on the reverse…

Gluten-free gluten???

Added: To clarify, I don’t actually think this is magical gluten-free gluten. It’s dumbfuckery; virtue-signalling marketing. Look at me! I’m non-GMO and vegan! Aren’t I wonderful? And so the idiots just randomly slap the various labels on stuff to cater to dipsticks…

Like when the producers started to label veggies “cholesterol-free,” and meats “gluten-free;” when –short of some remarkable genetic engineering — they’d damned well better be anyway.

But if I’m not even supposed to trust this “gluten-free” claim, why should vegans trust their “vegan” labels? Are their products really non-GMO, or the latest Frankensteinian product from Monsanto? If the labels are meaningless virtue signalling, why spend the extra money?

Update: I emailed the company to ask just what in the hell gluten-free gluten is. I got a reply.

Thanks for your inquiry!

Please send us a picture of the front and back of the bag so we can confirm.

My answer to that was:


You can also look at your own pictures in your own Amazon listing. And it looks like most of the product reviews left on the listing question why this is labeled gluten-free.

Honestly, I’m pretty sure I know exactly how this happened, but I thought I’d give you a chance to admit what you’d done and apologize.

Folks have been noting this “error” in product reviews for at least two months. Yet somehow the company was unaware of it until I emailed them? They can’t take a look at one of their own bags to see it?

Update 2: And all is explained!

It looks like there is a typo on this batch of bags


“Gletun” would be a typo. Ditto “glutem.”

At best “Batch Tested and Verified Gluten Free” is a copy/paste screw up. But I still thinks it semi-deliberate virtue signal marketing by someone with no clue.

Thanks for your generous discount offer, Anthony’s, but without knowing what other “typos” might be on your products, I’ll pass on repeat business.

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4 thoughts on “[Update 2] I Think I Was Scammed”

  1. About 7 years ago we almost lost the wife. Everything she ate seemed to make her sick. After failing with the medicos she stopped eating and lost around 80 lbs (very good, bad cause). She has Graves disease and her Endo suggested cutting gluten out. She did and lived on yogurt and applesauce for a year. once she was stable we started shopping gluten free foods , many of them are not actually gluten free… Live and learn. By the way, Corn gluten (yup, its a thing) does not cause the same problems.

    Frequent reader, never poster..keep up the good work!

  2. Ooooooooooooooohhhh!! That is so much of our time and age.

    Reminds us of one of the fundamental parts of the leftoxenomorphs’ modus operandi, their operative system: “we are not doing (x) . . . . . . but it is a good thing that we are”

    (x1): “we are not teaching “ ‘critical (WTF) theory’ . . . . . . but it is a good thing that we are”

    (x2): “we are not grooming the kids . . . . . . but it is a good thing that we are”

    (x3): “of course we are not trying to destroy human civilization . . . . . . but it is a good thing that we are”

    (x4): “this is meat but it is a good that it is meat free”

    (x5): “racism is the worst . . . . . . but it is a good thing that we are rabidly and vitriolically misandrists, white-haters, Westerners-haters, Americans-haters . . .” and so on and so forth.

    (x6): “we only want to kill the internal combustion engine and the use of hydrocarbons; you’ll be able to use your EV all you want . . . . . . but it is a good thing that the end game is to deprive you of any means of powered private transportation”

    (x7): “the poison vaxx NottaVaccine genetic slow-kill bioweapons are ‘safe’ and ‘effective’ . . . . . . but it is a good thing that they are neither and we are killing and maiming lots of humans along the way”

    (x8): “we are not practicing racism because we are not racists . . . . . . but we are practicing ‘affirmative action’ that is pure, unmitigated racism and it is a good thing that we are”

    (x9): “nazis are the worst . . . . . . but it is a good thing that we are the worst nazis in history”

    They will never stop on their own.

    They really want human civilization gone and most, by far, humans dead.

    Don’t tell me it doesn’t make sense.

    Leftoxenomorphism is a religion. It doesn’t have to make sense.

    Leftoxenomorphs don’t make sense. They know they don’t make sense. They know that we know. They don’t care. It’s working for them.

    The only solution is to make what they do, stop working for them.

  3. My bag of Anthony’s cheddar cheese is gluten-free.
    Near the top, it says “Do not look on bottom of bag”.
    On the bottom: “Quite the rulebreaker aren’t you? We digg that”.
    Dunno if they don’t proofread or if they think intentional misspelling is cute.
    Oddly, under the barcode it states “Anthony’s Premium Cheddar … Free, No Artificial Colors New”
    Makes me wonder if the printer’s native language is Chinese.

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