Sanctions? Someone should be sitting in jail for contempt of court (pending fraud charges).

Crackhead Biden was scheduled to have a hearing today in which he would enters his plea in that remarkable arrangement that takes all felonies off the table.

To make things interesting, a third party Republican attorney made an amicus filing to enter IRS whistleblower testimony into the court record, for the judge’s consideration.

But then it seems, that attorney’s office called the court clerk’s office, not once but twice, asking the clerks to withdraw the filing because it included personally identifying information about Crackhead. Seems odd, eh? (And wouldn’t the judge need to see that personal data, to confirm it’s Biden the filing talks about.)

Damned right, it was odd. That concerned caller was not from the office of the amicus-filing attorney.

She was actually from Biden’s defense team. Well, of course they wouldn’t want the judge to see all that whistleblower info, and potentially deny Crackhunter’s cushy, two misdemeanors plea deal.

Biden’s lawyers, when caught, deny any wrong doing.

Hunter Biden’s legal team denied Tuesday night that they lied to court officials to get filings from a senior Republican lawmaker removed from the public docket, blaming the dispute on an “unintentional miscommunication” on the eve of their client’s plea hearing.


That is, naturally, bull shit. If the defense legitimately wanted someone else’s amicus filing withdrawn or sealed, they should have filed a formal motion with the court asking the judge to do that.

Turn that around a bit, and imagine the fallout if someone from Trump’s defense team, in the Mar-a-Lago docs case, called the court clerk and “accidentally” gave the clerk the impression that she was from the prosecution team and needed prosecution evidence pulled from the docket, to Trump’s benefit.

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