TZP Column: Another ATF Battle Over Forced Reset Looming

Hoffman Tactical has an interesting new design for an AR-pattern firearm part. It’s the Super Safety Active Trigger System.

Basically, it’s a 3D-printed crossbolt safety, instead of the familiar rotating lever. I actually kinda like crossbolt safeties, and might be interested in trying this on an AR just to see if I could get used to it (after forty plus years of M-16s and AR-pattern semiautos).

But that’s not really the truly fascinating part of the Super Safety; it’s the “active trigger system” aspect.

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One thought on “TZP Column: Another ATF Battle Over Forced Reset Looming”

  1. It’s an absolute certainty that the rats at BATFEces will declare this a “machine gun” part and make it illegal. Meaning anyone who buys one will get a visit. Even downloading the 3D printable file will likely garner you some attention from the Fed thugs. It’s an interesting device but it’s definitely going to trigger the Feds to go apeshit.

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