I Think I Had That Job

Seems an Air Farce employee got a little too happy with his job.

Pentagon Investigating ‘Critical Compromise’ of Air Force Communications Systems
A Tennessee-based engineer is being investigated by the Pentagon for a “critical compromise” of communications across 17 Air Force facilities. The unnamed engineer, who hasn’t been formally charged, is alleged to have taken home more than $90,000 worth of government radio technologies and gained “unauthorized administrator access” to the Air Force’s Air Education and Training Command (AETC).
In this new case, it was a civilian engineer working out of Arnold Air Force Base who apparently took advantage of lax security to walk off with an incredible amount of equipment and was able to access secure communications — including those of the FBI and the entire Arnold AFB communications system.

Just looking at what he had access to, I’d guess that he had the same job I held at Holloman AFB back in the ’80s: “Base Land Mobile Radio Systems Manager,” usually abbreviated to “LMR Manager,” or just radio manager. Other than the computer network access (which the Air Farce didn’t really have back then), his access sounds a lot like what I had.

Not just hardware, frequencies and crypto stuff either. Physical access. I could — and did — casually walk into the base command post and the base commander’s office, among others. And that was for official business.

I got a medal out of it. Sounds this guy’s going to get a long vacation in Club Fed.

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