I Stand Corrected

I saw this thumbnail image at gunbloggers, with headline Elvis Presley’s S&W Model 53 Revolver Sold For Almost $200,000.

I immediately thought, “That couldn’t be Elvis’; it ain’t gilt.” But when I saw the larger image…

Actually, for Presley, that’s pretty damned restrained. He generally went overboard on overly tacky glitz.

Hiram’s, a gun shop in California, commissioned the work and gifted the gun to Presley in November of 1976.

Which explains it. If Presley had the work done, it would’ve been gold-plated, with mother of pearl grips, and a diamond for the front sight.

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  1. There’s a line in Tim Wilson’s song “Trailer Park Woman” which goes:

    “Maybe her place ain’t Graceland,
    But the furniture’s just as good.”

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