TZP Column: ATF Rule-Making

The new proposed rule requiring anyone who wants to sell even a single gun to have an FFL dropped this morning.

The Zelman Partisans, and I personally, have commented on it already. Commenting will be open for 90 days.

Unless the ATF fucks up the commenting as they do on damned near every NPRM they publish. In which case you’ll have to hunt down the new, replacement NPRM and comment again. I’ve learned to get a prebuilt search of the Federal Register permanently bookmarked.

Of screwing Americans. The ATF is that. As usual.

More than a year ago, The Zelman Partisans warned that the so-called Bipartisan Safer Communities Act changed the definition of “engaged in the business” of selling firearms. And not in a good way.
The ATF has published their Notice Of Proposed Rule-Making (NPRM) instituting this change. There is a 90 day commenting period. I encourage you to comment and point out the idiocy of the ATF and Congress. TZP has done so. Feel free to use this as a basis for your own comments.

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