“Congratulations’ To New Mexico’s Governor


In light of Lujan Grisham’s attempt to totally disarm the Albuquerque-area citizenry (except for the criminals, of course), I sent her a congratulatory message this morning.

I just wanted to praise the governor and Secretary Allen for their personal bravery in disarming honest, law-abiding citizens in the Albuquerque area. Taking on the risk of the death penalty for 18USC241 and 18USC242 violations just to provide safe workspace for Albuquerque’s criminals is very brave.


Anyone else want to “congratulate” her?

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2 thoughts on ““Congratulations’ To New Mexico’s Governor”

    1. The governor will certainly never see it. But occasionally — especially if you keep it short — a staffer will read it; sometimes even contacting me for a follow up. And that’s my real goal.

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