TZP Column: Solution Or Satire?

A Mass Shooting Solution?
I ran across a peculiar column last week, but I held off commenting on it.
The reason I held back is this proposal confused the heck out me. It appears at PJ Media, which is a fairly conservative outlet with — usually — a firm grounding in the Constitution and reality. Ashley McCully appears to be a regular contributor.

But McCully’s proposal is anything but Constitution- and reality-based. Before I tore her a figurative new one, I considered the possibility that this is satire. The law she proposes reads like a far-left Dimocrat wishlist; it’s a thoroughly impractical, immoral, and unconstitutional rape of rights.

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One thought on “TZP Column: Solution Or Satire?”

  1. Almost all leftists refuse to believe in the concept of inalienable rights. Thus anything they want to is acceptable. The only cure for such evil is eradication .

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