TZP Column: Seventh Circuit Upholds Illinois Assault Weapon Ban

I Expect Clarence Thomas IS Fuming Right About Now
Because a three judge panel of the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals just upheld, 2-1, Illinois’ “assault weapon” ban in Bevis v. Naperville (which is actually six separate challenges to “assault weapon” bans in Illinois, consolidated), and mangled BRUEN in the process. To do this, the lying bastards started with the BS “weapons of war” argument. And went downhill from there.

Honestly, this decision reads like something you might expect from the Ninth Circuit.

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6 thoughts on “TZP Column: Seventh Circuit Upholds Illinois Assault Weapon Ban”

  1. To paraphrase Stalin… “How many divisions does the Supreme Court command?” Because the nasty reality of life is that they have ZERO power to enforce any ruling they make. Which means that a subordinate court can, if it wishes IGNORE THEM and issue rulings that contradict the SCOTUS. Because there is NOBODY in a position to do anything about it that wants to.

  2. The Supreme Court has over 4200 Marshals and Court Police who could serve contempt bench warrants on recalcitrant lower court judges, kicking in doors at 6AM, just like they do to us lesser mortals.

    1. Yeah….right. The Marshall and his staff exist to provide security inside the court. NOT to travel about the country doing the Courts business. Keep dreaming.

      1. You’re confused. The Marshal of The United States Supreme Court does head the Supreme Court Police (whom I already mentioned). I was also speaking of some 4100 marshals and deputies in the United States Marshal Service, created the Judicary Act of 1789 to serve as the enforcement arm of the federal courts, which remains a primary function (that’s why you keep seeing them serving federal warrants and arresting fugitives).

  3. This decision is another delaying tactic. The purpose is to keep up a stream of appellate decisions that thumb their collective noses at SCOTUS until the composition of the court changes and they can ram through a nullification of the Second Amendment.

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