Explosion At The US-Canada Border

And that’s about all we know, despite reporting otherwise.

About the only thing most outlets agree on is that it was a car, two people inside it were killed, and a CBP worker was injured. We’ll see.


It was either a confirmed terrorist attack, or it’s unknown.

The car was entering the US from Canada, entering Canada from the US, or was just sorta there headed to a CBP building.

Yep, the usual rush to get the scoop on the other news service, and real confirmed facts be damned. And it drives conspiracy theories, because some loon is going to latch onto one version or the other. I remember that happening with the Sandy Hook school shooting. Some folks stuck with the early unattributed claims of multiple shooters and decided that blaming it on the one psycho was just a coverup. Or the ones who seized on the screwed up early victim reporting to claim that no one was killed and it was a pro-gun control hoax.

9 times out of ten, I don’t think these are cover ups or hoaxes. It’s some incompetent reporter looking for a major scoop getting made up stories from someone not necessarily on the scent, or attached to the investigation, who wants to feel briefly important. And being incompetent, the “reporter” proceeds to flub even the BS. All in the name of getting there first, with dreams of a Pulitzer.

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