The Robot Apocalypse Begins

Tesla Robot Suffers Malfunctions and Attacks Engineer at Texas Factory, Leaving ‘Trail of Blood’
A robotic malfunction at Tesla’s Giga Texas factory resulted in a violent encounter where an engineer was attacked by one of the company’s robots, resulting in significant injuries and leaving a ‘trail of blood.’

According to the Daily Mail, while working on software programming for non-functional Tesla robots, the engineer was suddenly pinned against a surface by a robot tasked with manipulating aluminum car components, with its metal claws inflicted an injury that left an ‘open wound’ on the worker’s left hand.

“Two of the robots, which cut car parts from freshly cast pieces of aluminum, were disabled so the engineer and his teammates could safely work on the machines. A third one, which grabbed and moved the car parts, was inadvertently left operational, according to two people who watched it happen. As that robot ran through its normal motions, it pinned the engineer against a surface, pushing its claws into his body and drawing blood from his back and his arm, the two people said,” The Information reported.

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2 thoughts on “The Robot Apocalypse Begins”

  1. They failed to follow Lock Out Tag Out procedures and it cost them . They are lucky it was not a fatality, machines are unforgiving and will kill you with no remorse and your job will be posted before your body is cold.

  2. This has NOTHING to do with malevolent robots and EVERYTHING to do with stupid people failing to follow long established safety protocols. More bullshit hype and propaganda.

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