Can’t Fix Stupid

It seems Minnesota Dim-wits have decided this is the perfect time to make Minnesota a sanctuary state.

I wonder how this will go over with the majority of Minnesotans, once the ramifications sink in.

First, and most obvious, are the two cases that linked story mentions: the known terrorist which the feds let in for a year, and the illegal who recently murdered three people.

And since these sanctuaries inevitably think — and act on the thought impulse — that they have to reward illegal border-crossers with free everything, it’s gonna get expensive for the taxpayers.

Other issues might not be so obvious… like Minnesota citizens will no longer be able to fly commercial.

A [Minnesota] government agent shall not, at the request of any federal authority, without a judicial warrant,” the bill states, “transfer an individual to any federal authority for purposes of immigration enforcement,” “detain an individual,” or “notify any federal authority of release information.”

In addition, the bill asserts that no state or local employee, which includes teachers, could “stop, question, investigate, detain, detect, report, or arrest a person” that is suspected to be an illegal immigrant.

“No “government agent shall…” That would include clerks at the DMV, which means Minnesota driver licenses and state IDs will no longer be REAL ID compliant; no access to air travel or federal buildings. Of course, since illegals are allowed to fly without an ID, they can still travel.

Crime, higher tax, and travel restrictions; right off the4 top of my head. My sister noted that, since they couldn’t ask about our status, that we should Minnesota and demand all the free stuff, too.

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