Terminal Stupidity In Tennessee

I’m so glad I don’t live there anymore. Two idiot politicians, Senator Paul Rose and Representative Ron Gant, filed bills to ban the retail sale of cold beer. I saw a couple of articles about this and had the impression it was store sales for off-site consumption. But…

“Notwithstanding another law to the contrary, a person or entity holding a beer permit issued under this chapter shall not sell refrigerated or cold beer at retail.”

That “chapter” covers permits for both off- and on-site consumption. No cold beer in bars.

The bills aren’t going anywhere. In fact, it looks like the sponsors of the house bill have all been “withdrawn.” Hopefully the voters of those districts will toss these clowns just for being stupid enough to try this.

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One thought on “Terminal Stupidity In Tennessee”

  1. 1 Star
    TN Republican Super majority
    Do not recommend. Worst long standing super majority Republican gov ever.

    Yeah those 2 clowns were D but the Rs here aren’t any better.

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