I’m seeing multiple reports this morning of a painting contractor covering up graffiti in Ohio, and painting right over the pro-Ham-ass protestors standing in front of it. They claim they were “assaulted.”I’m not buying it.

Pro-Palestinian Protesters Attempt to Block Painter from Covering Up Their Graffiti – Then Find Out What Happens – MUST SEE VIDEO
Pro-Palestinian protesters were spray-painted by a contractor at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio early Tuesday morning as they stood in front of a campus Spirit Wall that had been hijacked by Hamas supporters who had painted it over with anti-Israel messages. The protesters, who wore clear plastic face shields, stood directly in front of the wall in an effort to prevent the contractors from doing their job. A pro-Hamas encampment at CWRU is now in its second week.

Am I the only person wondering why that supposedly professional working a painter sprayer isn’t wear old, painted-splattered clothing, eye-pro, or a mask or respirator? There’s always some over-spray, and folks doing this day after day dress accordingly.

The Ham-ass supporters — who just happened to have full-face shields — are better protected than the “pro.”

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