The Past Year??

Anderson Cooper Challenges Ex-Biden Advisor After Political Analyst Says ‘Cognitive Decline’ Present For One Year
“Do, uh, Ashley, I mean, you worked on Biden’s 2020 campaign. You worked in communications for Vice President Harris. The difference between Biden in 2020 debates and this last one is obvious. How can the president reassure people who watched him with pain and fear on that debate stage?” Copper asked.

His implication being that pResident Dementia was fine in 2020, but has declined in the past year.

Watch this from the 2020 campaign, and tell me Xiden was fine then.

The difference between 2020 and 2024 is that he’s much worse.

And I don’t have it bookmarked, but there was a 2020 Biden campaign ad in which he jumbled, slurred, and said the wrong things. And apparently even with multiple takes for a pre-recorded clip, that was the best they could get out of the senile SOB…

…so they just captioned the ad with what he was supposed to be saying.

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