Astonishingly, that interview was worse than it sounded.

I mentioned pResident Dementia’s radio interview the other day; the one where Gropin’ Joe discovered he’s a transwoman of color.

It was bad enough that he had so much trouble fielding questions in a softball interview, and so thoroughly jumbled his answers as to jumble his genitals. But it’s worse.

Radio Host Who Interviewed Biden: The Questions I Asked Were Given to Me by the White HouseOn Saturday’s broadcast of CNN’s “First of All,” Andrea Lawful-Sanders, who hosts WURD’s “The Source,” and recently interviewed President Joe Biden on the show, said that the questions she asked the President were four that she approved from a list of questions that the White House sent to her.

This wasn’t simply a dementia patient replying off the cuff. This…

It was a telephone interview. With questions prepared in advance by his own puppeteers. Presumably with prepared answers he could read from notes (or a teleprompter). This was about as controlled as you can can get in a live interview.

And Biden still verbally cut his dick off.

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