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Over at Gateway Pundit…

Biden Takes Swipe at Sarah Palin in His Prepared Remarks By Repeating Lie That She Could See Russia From Her House
Sarah Palin told the liberal media that it is possible to see Russia from the outer Alaskan Islands. The media then used this to smear the popular governor. And now Joe Biden is pretending Sarah Palin herself was looking at Russia from Alaska — something she never said.

And this nasty swipe was written into his prepared remarks because Joe Biden does not have the mental capacity to come up with this snarky lie by himself.

The lie that Biden was referring to was instigated in a skit at far-left Saturday Night Live in 2008:

That reminded me of something related. I don’t recall who it was, and I think it was at my long-retired site. But someone was insisting that Palin had actually said she could see Russia from her house. As “proof,” that person gave a link to a clip of the SNL skit.

After that, I started recognizing some of the Palin criticism as being based on Tina Fey’s impressions. These idiots apparently thought that was the real Palin, and the clips they found were from news reports. And they vote.

Granted, Fey did a decent Palin impression (judging by brief clips I’ve seen; I stopped watching SNL decades ago), but… seriously?

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