Biden Presser

I watched a few minutes. Interestingly, he started out looking alert and chipper. But after about 15 minutes, it looked like he came down from a coke high and crashed. Even with the obviously prepared list of reporters and questions — complete with prepared written answers he’d try to read — it didn’t look good. He started looking blankly around the room. He starting reading answers, then start rambling. At one point — something about the border — he began an answer, then babbled, stopped looked around in confusion, said, “Oh,” and dug for the reporter list and just called for the next one.

So sad.

“When I came to the senate 120 years ago…”

He’s said something like that before. Maybe he thinks its a joke; but you’d expect his puppeteers to steer him away from stuff about being really old, what with the obvious dementia.

Another memorable bit was Biden wandering away from the lecterne towards the reporter asking question. While still several feet from the lectern — and the microphone — he started answering. Then he turned his back on the reporters, still talking. I think he was looking for the lectern because he finally wandered back to it. All still trying to answer the reporter.

So I stopped watching. But I saw this later on Breitbart.

Joe Biden Confirms He Will Run for Re-election in 2024

President Joe Biden confirmed Thursday he would run for re-election in 2024, marking the first time he committed to it.

“The answer is yes,” Biden said. “My plan is to run for reelection. That’s my expectation.”

Reelection, Bye-Biden? Folks are running betting pools on how soon you’ll be 25th’d. (I have Friday, July 23rd, 2021. After 5:00PM.)

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