I thought this was going to be the Babylon Bee

I figured the Bee was making fun of that prick LaPierre.


‘Thank God I’m safe’: NRA leader sought refuge from public outrage aboard yacht after mass school shootings
NRA leader Wayne LaPierre says he faced an unprecedented “security threat” in the wake of bloody rampages at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut and at Parkland, Florida, high school — and had to seek refuge aboard his Hollywood producer friend’s 108-foot yacht.

In a chutzpah-rich deposition, the politically powerful gun rights advocate said the fancy vessel christened “The Illusion” was one of the few places he felt safe from the national outrage that erupted after the slaughter of innocent children with military-grade firearms.

The arrogance and entitlement of this asshat.

“And this was the one place that I hope could feel safe, where I remember getting there going, ‘Thank God I’m safe, nobody can get me here.’ And that’s how it happened. That’s why I used it.”

I hope the deposition addresses the $4,500 a month apartment for his “intern.”

NRA delenda est.

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