Another Contributing Factor In The Collapse

I wrote a letter to the future to explain how America died, and to apologize. But, watching this video of “crazed crewcut lady”, I realized I failed to address another factor.

We used to have mental hospitals, sanitariums, asylums, for the seriously, and long-term, mentally ill. We locked dangerous people away. But too damned many of those facilities were terrible. Outright abuse of patients, well-intended treatments that were abusive, neglect… you name it, they did it. There was a backlash against them. We still have some comparatively small, specialized in-patient treatment centers, but for the most part, we started “mainstreaming” the mentally ill, the out-right crazed. Give enough drugs to keep them from completely flipping out, and hope they’ll keep filling the prescription and taking the meds.

Then — and first time I heard this, I assumed it was a joke — doctors started telling their mainstreamed “hearing voices” schizophrenics to wear Bluetooth headsets to blend in. That way, when they argued with the voices in their heads, onlookers would assume they were on a phone call. They blended in. (I always thought it would be amusing to hack some headsets and feed them real voices and imaginative ideas. Then again, that might account for most of the FBI terrorism stings with schizos.)

We didn’t just mainstream crazy people, society mainstreamed insanity. A generation grew up watching crazy people acting out around them without knowing they were crazy. It became acceptable to act that way. And as more people picked it up, it set the example for even more.

That’s why we have people like “crewcut lady” who think sharing their psychotic breaks in videos to the world is a good idea. If they left it at that, fine. But they didn’t.

Our new batch of lunatics applied their crazy and illogic to everything in life. That’s how idjits like David Hogglet can demand that oh-so-mature sixteen year-olds be able to vote on life or death issues, but eighteen year-olds are to immature to be trusted with a firearm.

That’s how we got Alexandria Occasionally-firing-Cortex’ grand plan to save the planet by strip mining it, and filling the holes with the toxic waste left over from manufacturing all those wind gennies and solar panels. Or her plan to simply print monopoly money to pay for it all, then tax every bit of it back to “prevent inflation.” (Hint: Paying for something, then taking the money back without returning the thing is theft. Paying people to work, then stealing the pay back though taxes is slavery.)

That’s how we got a generation of socialist-indoctrinated schoolkids, who see so much crazy on the street that the crazy in classroom doesn’t faze them a bit.

So yeah; when I wrote about how everyone got too dumbed down to keep up the infrastructure? Remember that they are not just dumb, they’re crazy. Enjoy operating appliances — “water-saving” clothes washer and dishwashers that take hours to not clean and use more energy, “water-saving” toilets that require multiple flushes to actually flush — designed by the criminally insane.

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4 thoughts on “Another Contributing Factor In The Collapse”

  1. While you’re correcting the broken link Doc pointed out, you might check the last paragraph. “Remember that they are just dumb, they’re crazy.” You probably intended “*not* just dumb”. Thanks for the post.

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  3. Bear makes a very valid point: the “normalization” of insanity.

    Here in the No. OH USA area, we had massive “Mental Health Facilities” which were invariably 19th century massive brick buildings set out on a few hundred acres each with beautiful trees, ponds, lagoons and paths.

    Abruptly, these seem to all have been closed, remained vacant for a short time, and then “Voila!” bought up by real estate developers and transformed into rather toney condos!

    The local “crazies,” of course, kicked out of their facilities and shunned by their families now walk and act out their insanities now amongst us.

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