Sure would be interesting if this passed

Which it already did in the House. I’ve been looking over H.R.1280 – George Floyd Justice in Policing Act of 2021.

Basically, it outlaws policing. Let’s start with this.


(A) IN GENERAL.—The term “racial profiling” means the practice of a law enforcement agent or agency relying, to any degree, on actual or perceived race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender, gender identity, or sexual orientation in selecting which individual to subject to routine or spontaneous investigatory activities or in deciding upon the scope and substance of law enforcement activity following the initial investigatory procedure, except when there is trustworthy information, relevant to the locality and timeframe, that links a person with a particular characteristic described in this paragraph to an identified criminal incident or scheme.

Then they outlaw it.

SEC. 311. Prohibition.

No law enforcement agent or law enforcement agency shall engage in racial profiling.
SEC. 312. Enforcement.

(a) Remedy.—The United States, or an individual injured by racial profiling, may enforce this part in a civil action for declaratory or injunctive relief, filed either in a State court of general jurisdiction or in a district court of the United States.

But here’s the kicker. Definitive proof of racial profiling is…

(c) Nature of proof.—Proof that the routine or spontaneous investigatory activities of law enforcement agents in a jurisdiction have had a disparate impact on individuals with a particular characteristic described in section 302(6) shall constitute prima facie evidence of a violation of this part.

What if there’s a reason members of one particular group gets investigated more often? What if one group represents… say, 13% of the total population, but accounts for 26.6 percent of all crime? What if that 13% of the population accounted for 51.2% of all murders? What if the police have to investigate a black person more often because black people were the offenders?

Imagine the radio call:

Dispatch: 1-Adam-12, respond to home invasion in progress at 123 Main.

Adam-12: Dispatch, what’s the race of the invader?

Dispatch: Two black males.

Adam-12: Negative, Dispatch. 13% of our arrestees this year already were black. Any more would be disparate.

Dispatch: Roger, 1-Adam-12. Stand down, and I’ll inform the complainant.

If this monstrosity passes, every cop in the country would be wise to quit. That will be fun. Cops stand down, everyone goes vigilante and takes care of the problem themselves.

My sister suggests we handle it with dumpsters: one for recyclables, one for regular trash, and one marked “Biohazardous Waste” for the bodies.

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