Ain’t they special? “Incentive.”

They actually think people are wearing masks outside. Bless their hearts. Nope, not around this part of the country.

WATCH: New CDC guidance gives ‘incentive to get vaccinated’ White House says
Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki commented on the CDC’s new guidance that Americans can dispense with the wearing of masks outside if they are fully vaccinated.

“The incentive is to get vaccinated, so that you can enjoy the benefits of being vaccinated,” Psaki said.

And damned few inside, except in places that absolutely require face-diapers. Most of the country is smarter than Biden.

Pcircles, you’re gonna need a better incentive to get me to get jabbed with an unapproved, genetically-engineered, experimental not-a-vaccine.

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