Streisand* much, Kelly?

Mark Kelly files libel suit against conservative website’s uncorroborated photo claim

That would be this picture.

I didn’t much give a flip about a 35 year-old Halloween costume. But come to think of it…

No names, date, or location but there was one Halloween costume party involving Air Force personnel. I was a Viking, and had the most innocuous costume there.

There was a coke fiend with a three foot wall mirror, a huge line of flour “coke” and a 8.5×11″ cardboard razor blade. He’d also liberally dusted himself with the flour.

There was a giant Quaalude.

The contest winner was a flasher: overcoat, hat, jock strap,shoes,  and cut-off pants legs to make it look like he had pants on until the big reveal. Nothing else.

Now that was a party that no one going into politics wants to remember. But I’ll bet most of the surviving hillfolk do have — spotty — memories of it. If anyone is running for office, I do have a photo. Tips accepted.

* In case you’ve been under a rock for the past 17 years.

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