Atlanta Mayor: Background Checks for Thieves

Or something.Let’s take it one at a time.

Atlanta mayor names permanent police chief, calls for stricter gun laws in Georgia
“Until our state leaders take a look at the most lax gun laws we have in this country and the way that guns get in the hands of criminals until that happens I am so sad to say that this is likely not that last time I’ll stand here,” Bottoms said.

Lax laws let criminals get guns?

“The number one way criminals get guns is stealing them out of cars,” [Interim Chief Rodney] Bryant exclaimed.

Ah! And Bottom-feeder’s plan?

“Taking a look at strengthening our background checks, the loopholes we have, and an assault weapons ban,” the mayor suggested.

Yes! That’ll do it. Mandatory background checks for thefts! I can’t wait to see how she’ll persuade thieves to undergo background checks before they smash those car windows.

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