Someone is claiming that the allegedly deleted database directory files from the Maricopa County EMS machine have been recovered.

Data Files Reportedly Deleted in Arizona Before Providing Machines to Senate Auditors May Have Been Recovered by the Audit Team
This past week we reported the bombshell that there were files that were erased from the machines requested to audit in Maricopa County only days before providing the machines to the Senate’s auditors.

The image is of all the files that have been UNDELETED. That shows it was recovered by the forensic IT teams. It’s not to show us that they were deleted it is to show that they HAVE IT ALL.

If someone was attempting to delete incriminating data…

Well, at least they were slightly smarter than the idiot in Georgia Secretary of Scum Raffensperger’s office who tried deleting the phone call recording, but didn’t know enough to empty the trash.

Dominion’s EMS runs on Windows; so even emptying the trash isn’t good enough. That simply marks the drive space as available, but does not destroy the file. If it has not been over-written since, one merely runs a file recovery program, and restores the file.

The fool should have used BleachBit to secure delete and over-write the file space with 1s and 0s.

So if all this is for real, someone just set himself up — now, this assumes we had a functional justice system — for tampering with evidence charges, ass well as destruction of election data. And left the evidence intact.

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