Some people are slow learners.

I have new neighbors; they’re still getting moved in. Yesterday, I noticed a Comcast installer’s van in their driveway. I just blinked, shrugged, and figured it’s their money.

But last evening, New Neighbor came to my front door. He wanted to show me something, and make sure I was cool with it.

What he showed was a cable coming out of the service boxx in my yard, and just running across the grass and along his driveway his his house.

That’s his new service drop.

I’ve done some cust prem installs, and that was a first for me. The closest I’ve seen to that was wire for field phones at a tac airbase.

He said Comcast told him that someone would be out in a week or so to do a proper drop.

I mentioned that to my sister. She just looked astounded, and said something like, “Comcast? Did you tell him?”

Live and learn, I guess. I hope.

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