“China Virus” or “ChinCOVID”

Can I get sued, too?

Trump sued by civil rights group for referring to COVID-19 as ‘China Virus’
Former President Donald Trump is facing legal action from the Chinese Americans Civil Rights Coalition (CARC) in response to what the group alleges are derogatory comments regarding the origins of the coronavirus.

I could use the money.

But if they want to sue over diseases named for locations…

Lyme Disease
West Nile Virus
Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
Guinea Worm
German Measles
Ross River Fever
Omsk Hemorrhagic Fever
Marburg Virus
Lassa Fever
La Crosse Encephalitis
St. Louis Encephalitis

But this.

“Holding the most powerful office in the country, Defendant reckless neglected his official duty to represent all Americans, and maintain justice, domestic tranquility, and general welfare for all communities, Whites, Blacks, Hispanic, Asian, Native Americans, and so on.”

“Represent.” Not “protect the feelz of snowflakes who aren’t even from China from butthurt.

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