Seems that Pfizer’s pseudo-vax doesn’t work in kids 2-5 years old. (Pfizer press release)

Children ages 2-5 did not mount an adequate immune response to COVID-19 after being fully vaccinated with the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine in a trial, the company said Friday, a setback to its efforts to get the shots cleared by regulators.
The company said it will also test a third low dose of the vaccine, 3 micrograms, in children 6 months to under 5 years to bolster the body’s immune response at least two months after receiving the second of two doses.
“If the three-dose study is successful, Pfizer and BioNTech expect to submit data to regulators to support an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for children 6 months to under 5 years of age in the first half of 2022,” the company said.

And if three doses don’t work, I assume they’ll try four. Then five, six, seven… Just keep jabbing them until it does “work.”

How ’bout “diktat”?

Fauxci doesn’t like the word “mandate” for the arbitrary ChinCOVID… mandates. He doesn’t think people respond well to it.

Fauci pushes new word for ‘mandates,’ admits changing ‘fully vaccinated’ definition ‘certainly on the table’
He also discussed the difficulty in pushing “mandates,” instead suggesting that people should discuss “requirements” as a more palatable term.

“Mandates — that’s a radioactive word. Requirements people seem to respond better to that. They work,” Fauci argued. “We are never going to get out of this outbreak if we still have 50 million people who for reasons that are very difficult to understand refuse to get vaccinated.”

Diktat. Decree. Fiat. Fatwah maybe, since ChinCOVIDism has devolved into a religion. Edict.

Screw “palatable.” At least be a straightforward totalitarian twit.

Vax To Vote?

I don’t think so.

Raheem Kassam of The National Pulse thinks the next pandemic power-grabbing scam from the Dems is going to be what he calls “vax to vote.”

“Listen to this phrase and internalize what it means: Vax to vote. This is what they’re going to start talking about when they realize they can’t win the midterm elections. … The same situation is occurring all across the Western world, with governments realizing that their publics don’t find them legitimate any more. So what better way to win your elections, like Vladimir Putin often does, than to disenfranchise the people that you don’t want voting… The best way for these people to do that is requiring a vaccination card, a COVID pass, for you to go to be able to vote.”


1. That would effectively require voter ID. That alone would kill it.

2. While requiring proof of ChinCOVID pseudo-vaccination might “disenfranchise” some conservatives, it would also “disenfranchise” much of one of their own key demographics.

3. The Dems don’t want in-person voting. They’re using the foreverdemic as an excuse for mail-in voting, ballot harvesting, and ballot drop boxes. Those are all important to their election fraud tactics.

Submitted With… Not Too Much Comment

Big healthcare conference next month. All the industry biggies.


The J.P. Morgan 40th Annual Health Care Conference will take place on January 10-13, 2022 at the Westin St. Francis in San Francisco, CA. According to its website, “this premier conference is the largest and most informative health care investment symposium in the industry which connects global industry leaders, emerging fast-growth companies, innovative technology creators and members of the investment community.”

J. P. Morgan has insisted executives should attend the conference in person. This rule raised concerns from prominent drug companies including Moderna [you know, the ChinCOVID “vaccine” maker] due to safety and travel concerns related to the Covid-19. Moderna will only allow its executives to join the conference if it will be done virtually.



Twelve Round has a solution for our tyranical psychopaths raping the Constitution to impose communism. I find it overly optimitistic.

Millions and Millions

All we need to do is make the people responsible for enforcing the constitution, even the laws on the books, do it. How we manage that is up to the people. I say that one method is to make sure the people do the jobs they were hired to do or remove them from office. We have no need of laws, if no one will enforce them and we have no need of people entrusted with enforcing them, if they won’t do it.

If those millions and millions won’t do that, won’t take the simplest, easiest steps to save the nation from communist rule; if they would rather fight it out; if that’s the only solution they see, they can count me in, because sitting around watching it crumble before my eyes, watching every rule, every law, every principle of freedom demolished by inaction is more than I can take.

Lessee… make them do their jobs.

Like going to school board meetings and getting arrested. Or put on an FBI terrorist list.

Or we could write letters to the editor, which can be rejected because “You aren’t an MD, so you aren’t qualified to note that a mask that passes 4 micron particles won’t block sub-micron aerosols” (yeah, happened to me).

I know! Let’s vote ’em out at the next election. You know, the elections they control. Hey; there’s millions of us. It ain’t like the blue strongholds will stop counting long enough to see other counties’ results, so they know how many times to run their own ballots through the machines in the middle of the night.

No worries. It isn’t as if they can permanently damage the economy by the mid-ter… uh. Never mind.

Or the millions of us could circulate petitions to force recalls, with the signatures “validated” by the same group of scumbags we want to vote out. And if we can get a recall election, see above re:who’s running the election.

“The struggle is no longer just who gets to vote, or making it easier for eligible people to vote – it’s who gets to count the vote and whether your vote counts at all!”
— Gropin’ Joe Xiden, 12-14-2021

Here’s a cynically pragmatic suggestion: bribe the bastards to do the right thing, to do their jobs honestly. Um… good luck with that once all your money has been equitably re-distributed. You didn’t think that plan went away just because Xiden’s commie comptroller nominee withdrew, did you?

As things stand now, the only way to “fix” the system is for the entrenched Dim socialists/communists/totalitarians to voluntarily back the fuck off. And that unlikely option won’t be on the table much longer.

There might be a “tipping point” where political disagreements become so divisive that no issue can unite Republicans and Democrats again, according to a study released by researchers at Cornell University, Study Finds reported Tuesday.
“We found that polarization increases incrementally only up to a point,” Macy added. “Above this point, there is a sudden change in the very fabric of the institution, like the change from water to steam when the temperature exceeds the boiling point.”
Results of the model the researchers constructed indicate that at any level below the “critical point” of polarization, the researchers could reverse the political divisiveness by toning down their control parameters, according to Study Finds.

We are currently at 99.9995 degrees Celsius. If someone so much as turns on a light, the pot will boil, and it’ll be too late for the totalitarians to turn the heat down.

Back to Twelve Round:

…if they would rather fight it out; if that’s the only solution they see, they can count me in…

Count you in for what? Organized combat? Pick a private militia, and I’ll show you a group that’s already infiltrated by the feds.

I spoke to a young woman earlier this week. She’s normally virtually silent on politics. She’s one of those folk who get along with everyone. And pretty much out of the blue, she asked what I thought the dividing lines in the coming revolution will be. Because she assumed one is about to happen.

After clarifying that she meant a geographical divide, I told her the only way to predict that is to look a county by county map of elections, that any geographical divide is generally going to be (Dim) urban versus (Rep) rural.

Maybe, sorta, to start. I referred her to my Remedial Practical Civics series, and specifically to “A hunting we will go!.”

This mess won’t — mostly — be militias doing small unit field ops against fed and police troops. It’s going to be individuals hitting 100 degrees C, one at a time, and picking a convenient politician. It will suck for everyone, on all sides.


Once you’ve made the big jump and taken out the first scumsucker, why stop? They can only execute you once, after all.

Whose blood? For starters, the ones they see as immediately responsible for the mass violation of their rights. Then the idiot celebrities, media hairsprayheads, and ignorant useful idiots who pushed it.

Then they’ll look around and think, “I’ve got nothing left to lose now. How ’bout that mother-effer in the Zoning Department who made me tear down my deck after I spent ten grand on it?”

Chaos. Not recommended. For a fictional portrayal of what societies look like after it all falls apart, I recommend John Ringo’s The Last Centurion (complete with a pandemic originating in China).

We don’t want to go there.

The totalitarians confused the boiling frog analogy with reality. In real life, gradually turning up the control-freak heat to infinity doesn’t boil people who aren’t physically in a pot of water. But the pot does boil over.

Real soon now.

Hip Update

I had a post-surgery appointment with the doctor this morning. She seemed pretty pleased with my progress.

But the most amazing thing about it was… A first in my medical/dental experience. I was seen early.

You never know what Jax traffic is going to be like, so we always allow extra time to make appointments. Traffic was light, so I got there darned near half an hour early. I figured that sucked, that I’d be sitting in the waiting area for a while. But I walked in, and before I could even sign in the clerk asked my name. I told her, and began spelling it (I always have to spell Bussjaeger). Before I finished, she was looking at her computer, and asked, “Mr. Carl?”

I signed another form, and she told me to go take a seat, they’d call for me in a few minutes. No more than two minutes later after I sat down, they did call me.

All told, I was out five minutes after my appointment was scheduled to begin. That’s never happened before. My niece was pretty impressed, too.

So: Hip doing well. Doc thinks I won’t be on a cane permanently (really only using it to assure balance while I get used to how the leg feels now, a bit odd). I think my blood pressure needs watching. Despite good numbers while I was in the hospital, it was a bit high today. But I’ve always gotten nervous about doctor (and especially dentist — bit of a story there) appointments, so it might just be that.

Doc was pleased that I’m not needing even acetaminophen. I got the feeling she’s not used to hearing a lot of her post-op patients rating their pain at 1 (on the 1-10 scale).

Paying for all this is still an issue. I really don’t want to see that 4 ounce silver round. But I have to admit that UF Health has been very forgiving of the worst of the bills so far. I still need to pay the ambulance bill, and those guys earned every penny.

That Highly Transmissible Omicron

Via Reuters:

“… 43 cases attributed to Omicron variant…”

“…the highly transmissible new variant..”

“… in about 22 states…”

That’s an average of 1.95 cases per state. One might think that if it’s so “highly transmissible” then you’d be seeing a lot more of those cases’ family members, friends, and co-workers coming down with it, too. We’ll see; early yet. (Just for comparison, the state of Georgia alone saw 55 ChinCOVID cases in the first eleven days after it appeared here.)

“Even if most cases are mild, a highly transmissible variant could result in enough infections to overwhelm health systems, the CDC cautioned.”

I suppose… a couple of cases per state could overwhelm health systems… oh.

“…one person was hospitalized for two days.”

One. Out of 43. In 22 states.

Maybe that would overwhelm Maine.

Apparently FedEx simply sees misdeliveries as a write-off.

We just received a FedEx package. We didn’t order it. In fact, it’s at the wrong address. I recognize the intended delivery address, because this isn’t the first time this has happened.

But I wanted to do the right things. I called Fedex to report the misdelivery. Their phone menu actually has an option for deliveries to the wrong address. But as soon as you say you received someone else’s package…

“Sorry, we cannot help with that. Try calling again later.” -click-

It must be cheaper to write off the loss, than to have the driver stop by on his next daily swing through the neighborhood.


I hate this crap. The link wasn’t worth saving, but it seems some publisher is paying a feminist to rewrite Orwell’s 1984

…from the feminist perspective of Julia, Smith’s lover who betrayed him (to be fair, he also betrayed her).

If you think you have a story to tell, tell it. Don’t steal titles, warp the real author’s tale, and proclaim yourself “creative.” You ain’t. You’re a hack.

That said, if some publisher thinks 1984 needs a rewrite, I have a suggestion.

John Ringo.

Maybe even a Ringo/Larry Correia collaboration.

Smith would not love Big Brother.