Interesting Election Development

I’ve been afraid this would start.

DOJ: Texas Man Charged With Threatening Georgia Officials
According to the indictment, Stark allegedly posted a message on Craigslist entitled: “Georgia Patriots it’s time to kill [Official A] the Chinese agent — $10,000.”

The indictment did not name the Georgia officials targeted and instead referred to them as “Official” A, B, or C.

I’m going guess at who they are.

  • A – Secretary of State Raffensperger
  • B – Governor Kemp
  • C – referred to as “her,” so maybe District Attorney Fani Willis

Online threats are probably idiots blowing off steam. What the illegal election manipulators need to worry about are the quiet ones who are deciding when it’s time to quietly take of business.

I’d hoped we wouldn’t go there.

I haven’t talked about Georgia’s ChinCOVID for a few days.

I think. Anyway, looking at the state’s COVID-19 Status Report is always morbidly amusing.

The state reported an additional 13,348 confirmed cases today. That’s the number that the CDC and Johns Hopkins reported as new daily cases. It isn’t.

Georgia actually reported a whopping 12 new cases for today. That’s preliminary of course, and will go up as reports trickle in to DPH. So the CDC will only be inflating our new daily cases report by more than a thousand times.

Speaking of case reports trickling in: I have a date I watch. I started watching it when I noticed the case count for that day still changing months later. That date is July 6, 2020. Today, the count increased by to 5,890.

I ask you: How in the living fuck can reports still be trickling in more than a year and a half later?

About a year ago, I saw some research that found smokers get ChinCOVID at a lower rate than nonsmokers. Georgia happens to track smoking as a co-morbidity, so I’ve been following that, too.

Roughly 18% of Georgians smoke. All things being equal, you might expect that roughly 18% of ChinCOVID cases would be smokers.

Try 5.05%. Smokers are way under-represented.

Turns out nicotine binds to the ACE2 receptors in the lungs. ACE2 is the same one that the SARS-CoV-2 virus tries to attach to. It appears that if the nicotine gets there first, SARS-CoV-2 is SOL. As a retired RN noted the other day, smoking is an ideal aerosol delivery system to the lungs.

A final point. While cases counts are through the roof (highest peak in the “pandemic”, but dropping for the past 18 days), COVID deaths are still at one the lowest rates in the whole thing.

Maybe more people took up smoking.

“[T]he United States is firmly and steadily following in the footsteps of the Soviet Union.”

We heard from the Ukraine president earlier. Now let’s hear from Vladimir Putin. I’m not exactly a Putin fanboy, but even a stopped clock…

It’s a short, one minute clip so I don’t know the full context. But what he says here is true, right down to the push to impose socialism/communism.

Minor Incursions

“I think what you’re going to see is that Russia will be held accountable if it invades. And it depends on what it does. It’s one thing if it’s a minor incursion and then we end up having a fight about what to do and not do.”
senile Gropin’ Joe, 1/19/2022

As you might imagine, that didn’t go over well in Ukraine.

“We want to remind the great powers that there are no minor incursions and small nations. Just as there are no minor casualties and little grief from the loss of loved ones. I say this as the President of a great power.”
Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelensky

Chill, dude. You’re only talking 127,000 troops crossing your border. Xiden let 173,620 folks across our border in November 2021 alone. We got another 325,779 so far just this month. Well over two million in the past year.

127,000? Shoot. Just do what the Biden administration does, Zelensky. Feed ’em, fly ’em for free to where they want to go, and turn ’em loose.

What could possibly go wrong, there, or in America?

This begs an obvious question.

Record number of guns found at TSA checkpoints last year, 86% of them loaded, agency says
The 5,972 guns intercepted at U.S. airports last year represent a 35% increase, or more than 1,500 more weapons, compared with 2019. The agency also reports that 86% of those firearms were loaded.

Why in hell were several hundred people carrying unloaded guns?

About the only time I do that is when I have extras in my bag on the way to the range.