Someone finally noticed the “semi-auto problem.”

Besides The Zelman Partisans, that is.

New column.

The Machine Gun Nest has pieced together all the elements of a potential semiautomatic rifle ban in 2021. They have discovered the dangerous precedent of allowing the ATF to redefine words to make inanimate bits of plastic into machineguns, paperweights into firearms, and pistols into rifles. Why, all this adds up to making semiautos into machineguns because they’re easily converted.
“What’s going on in 2021” maybe wouldn’t have been such a problem if more people had paid attention to what was going on in 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020. More attention than ridiculing those of us warning about “Bump Stock Hill” anyway.

If it comes across as cynical and discouraged, that’s because I am.

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