So I finally watched a Superbowl commercial

Larry Correia was mocking the Jeep ad, so I decided to watch it to better understand his remarks.

That is some seriously condescending, insulting, ignorant bull shit. Written by New Yorkers for New Yorkers, who never landed in fly-over country. So naturally it’s all just a desolate, barren wasteland, sparsely populated by weird rednecks.

And how do they “appeal” to fly-over countrians? “I know! Let’s put a cowboy hat on a leftwing millionaire from New Jersey. If even a guy who calls them “bums” and a “fucking nightmare” will deign to wear a cowboy hat, they’ll buy our crappy Jeeps.”

Here’s an idea, Jeep: Instead of insulting us, try building vehicles that won’t fall apart if they encounter anything rougher than the occasional speed bump.

Oh, and Springsteen? Fuck you, too.

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